Moving Stills Photography | 3 reasons why you should have a child or family photo shoot with a professional photographer.

3 reasons why you should have a child or family photo shoot with a professional photographer.


Hi, I'm Krzysztof and as the founder of Moving Stills Photography, I'd like to talk to you about some things that are dear to my heart.

Family and Photography, and 3 reasons why you need to have a portrait shoot with a professional.


ONE:  The Memories
How many times have you heard or said something like this?
"Wow, they've changed so much since I last saw them!"
or "He's really turned into a proper little man now."
Photography is like a time machine. It allows you to preserve moments for the future so you can be instantly transported back to relive that special period in your life. And it's not just for you, your creating a photographic heritage for your children and potentially their children, and so on.





I am so grateful that my relatives saw the value in having portraits shot. Some of the family photos are over 100 years old.

My kids and I are so grateful that my relatives saw the value in having portraits shot. Some are over 100 years old.



TWO: The Photographer
When you select a photographer you want to know that he or she is not just "painting by numbers" but takes pride in their work because they appreciate the trust you place in them. You also want a photographer who can help you relax on the shoot and be able to engage with children on their level to make the experience enjoyable for everyone.

But the photo shoot is only part of the story. Much more time is dedicated behind the scenes to ensuring that the images are carefully edited and meticulously retouched for final delivery, be it in digital form or on a variety of print media.

Having experienced a near death event and now also as a parent, I truly appreciate the value of life's moments we experience with our loved ones. With a unique perspective, tertiary qualifications, years of experience and attention to detail I'm able to capture people and their personalities to create moving stills photography.




Even little ones can get stage fright sometimes, so it's important to give them time and space to feel comfortable.



Wrangling primary school kids to achieve the desired photo is a challenge, but with planning, patience and respect, anything can be achieved.

Wrangling primary school kids is a challenge but with planning, patience and respect, 

anything can be achieved.



THREE: The Photos
Do you have a camera roll of photos on your phone but nothing worthy of being on your walls? Have you thought about how your kids will access digital photos when they are older?
You may wish to take a "digital only", but please remember these have none of the permanency of a print.

I've had clients who only wanted digital copies and later came back and told me they went to a few well known retail chain shops (which shall remain unnamed, but you can probably guess) and all the prints looked different and quite hideous. It was only when I supplied them with a professionally-produced print that they realised the huge difference in paper, ink and printer quality.
At Moving Stills Photography we offer a variety of family packages to suit different budgets, but all images are of the same high quality and come with digital + hard copies and the reason is simple. You can keep your digital photos on your phone/tablet/laptop then share them with friends and loved ones, but more importantly you get to hold on to quality photographic prints that can be displayed at home or kept in an album. When you have prints displayed you get to view them all the time.
More information can be seen on my Packages page.

So it's really easy as 1 2 3.
Just choose a package, book a session and enjoy great family photos!
If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me on 0438 782 331 or via the Contact page.