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I offer a variety of portrait and commercial photography services centred around ensuring you or your business are always presented in the best possible light.

Like it or not, we are visual creatures so the first chance your clients have to see and understand what you're about is crucial to how they perceive you or the quality of your products and services. Those initial engaging images create a snapshot in their mind, with subsequent online and print images filling in the rest of the story.



There are some very good reasons why I'm successful at producing high quality imagery for my clients. I take the time to sit down with clients and tease out exactly what their needs are. For some clients this can be quite a daunting prospect, particularly if it's their first time commissioning bespoke photography, so providing that guidance is crucial. Having a clear expectation and understanding of the final image content is fundamental to client satisfaction.

"Nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept." - Ansel Adams

My commitment to nailing the shots for my clients combined with my can do attitude, flexibility and resourcefulness means I'm not afraid to take on challenges and step out of my comfort zone. Whether it be shooting from a multi storey roof top, inside an operating wind tunnel, to getting up close and very personal with molten metal, it's all about finding real world solutions to tricky photographic situations. 



My services cover the following categories: People, Products/Services, Places.

If your photography requirements can fit into any of these, then you're in the right place to achieve your visual goals, whether they be on-site photographic solutions, studio shoots or a combination of the two. (Studio bookings are tailored according to client's specific requirements and location.) General service area is Melbourne, but past clients' shoots have been in regional Victoria and interstate. If you are willing to cover the travel costs we'll even shoot on the International Space Station for you, now that there's an operational espresso machine there.

People photography has included personal and family portraits, individual and group corporate portraits, musicians/performers, studio and location based fashion photography, carefully crafted people oriented images for marketing campaigns.

A current Victorian "Working With Children Check" card means age is no barrier and everyone involved is treated with respect and equality.

Product photography has covered everything in size and scope from tiny paints only 1cm square to glassware, gowns, printing presses, cars, through to commercial passenger aircraft.

Places photographed range from the tightest of spaces to the most wide open of the great outdoors: vehicle and aircraft interiors, residential & commercial building interior and exteriors, landscapes through to industrial/manufacturing and aviation related spaces and facilities.



I also provide high quality printing on a variety of media, all tailored to suit the client's specific requirements. Whether it be the tiniest photographic prints for display, gifts or decor, acrylic and metal based prints to large scale vinyl for maximum visual impact. Through my select network of equally talented and high quality service providers we can arrange framing, branding solutions, graphic and web design, promotional printing such as leaflets or brochures, etc.